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Welcome To Vision Correction London

We are at the leading edge of laser eye surgery in London and vision correction worldwide, offering the very best personalised eye care using state of the art technology and techniques.

Personalised Care

At Vision Correction London, the standard of care is exemplary. Everyone is different and as such treatment is tailored to each individual based on their examination findings and individual requirements. The choices of treatment are forever increasing and what might be right for one person may not suit another. We pride ourselves on presenting all the choices in detail and then working with our patients to get to the correct option in order to obtain the best results.

The best results

By providing personalised care, constantly refining our techniques and embracing new technology, we are able to consistently deliver outstanding results for our London eye patients. We continually audit our outcomes both for lens based procedures as well as laser eye surgery. Our complication rates are less than 1% for both laser and lens based procedures and our published outcomes are amongst the best in the World.

laser eye surgery London consultation

Your consultation

At your consultation, we perform detailed investigations followed by an assessment. The process is designed to work out the best options for you as an individual. The options are then presented and discussed and a treatment plan is advised based on the findings and your individual needs. This is one of the most crucial aspects of your treatment journey as the planning of the correct procedure is paramount in achieving the best outcomes.

laser eye surgery london technology


At Vision Correction London, we pride ourselves on using the best available technology for our patients. The best surgeons combined with the best technology allows us to achieve the best outcomes. Technology is ever changing and in order to keep up to date both with hardware and software improvements as well as surgical techniques, our team attend regular conferences and meetings allowing them to stay at the cutting edge of surgical developments and technology.

Mr Ali Mearza

Mr Ali Mearza FRCOphth, the clinical director and founder of Vision Correction London is a World renowned cornea, cataract and laser eye surgeon and over 250,000 people have viewed his surgical techniques on You Tube. He performs laser eye surgery in the Harley Street area of London as well a host of other eye surgery procedures. Mr Mearza has also had laser eye surgery and can offer a first hand experience when advising patients.

Vision Calculator

Suitable for LASIK vision calculator

Our new vision correction calculator can help you decide if you may be suitable for eye surgery. Simply enter your prescription details and we will give you an idea of suitability. For more information please do of course call us as this is simply a guide.

Laser eye surgery London iPad showing eye diagram

Innovation and Technology

Innovations in surgical techniques and advancements in technology are the norm in the field of ophthalmology. It is important that our patients have access to the latest technology and techniques. We have been treating patients for laser eye surgery in London for many years and our constant innovation and care means we are superbly placed to look after you.

At Vision Correction London, our surgeons keep up to date with the latest developments and incorporate them into our practice.

Anchal, Laser eye surgery

“One month later this is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m so grateful for Mr Ali Mearza for giving me the most amazing vision with laser eye surgery, I’m past 20/20, I’m 20/16! Every day is like a miracle!”


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