Eye surgery results

At Vision Correction London, we actively review our eye surgery results using sophisticated eye analysis software and use this data to continually improve our calculations and deliver the best outcomes for the patients we treat.

Eye surgery results at Vision Correction London

When choosing the best surgeon for your vision correction, one of the key factors to consider are the outcome results for the techniques that are performed. At Vision Correction London, we believe our results are amongst the best possible. The first step is to come in and visit us for a consultation – we will provide a thorough examination of your eyes and outline what options might be best for you. This really could be your first step towards life changing eye surgery.

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

For common prescriptions, 100% of our patients see 20/20 or better with both eyes following surgery

At the forefront of developments in technology and surgical expertise, Mr Mearza was the first surgeon to publish results of LASIK laser eye surgery using a combination of the Ziemer femtosecond laser and the Wavelight Allegretto excimer laser. These are currently two of the most technologically advanced lasers available on the market today. The results are amongst the best in the world for laser vision correction.

Out of 887 short-sighted (myopic) eyes undergoing laser eye surgery treatment, 96.9% of eyes achieved 20/20 vision after the operation. When both eyes were considered together, 100% achieved 20/20 vision after their laser vision correction surgery.

There were no significant complications with any of the patients treated either during the operation or after surgery.

The team at Vision Correction London actively collect data from our patients at each of the consultation and follow up appointments and regularly review the results. This allows us to refine our outcomes and make adjustments where necessary to continually deliver the best results.

If you have a short-sighted (myopic) prescription, your chance of achieving 20/20 vision when each eye is considered separately is 97% and when both eyes are considered together, this figure reaches 100% if you have your vision correction surgery performed at Vision Correction London.

The chance of needing an enhancement after initial surgery is 2% and the chance of any other complication is less than 1%.

Refractive lens exchange

100% of our patients achieve the driving standard of vision or better following refractive lens exchange with multifocal lens implants.

Mr Mearza has published a review on refractive lens exchange which outlines the pros and cons of the treatment as well as discussing the many lens choices that are available.

At Vision Correction London, our current results for those patients that have multifocal lens implants show that the chance of achieving driving vision or better following surgery without needing to wear glasses is 100%.

The chance of being able to read newspaper print or better also stands at 100% when both eyes are considered together.

The chance of complete spectacle independence is 98% for lens exchange procedures with multifocal lens implants.

Our risk of having any complication is less than 1%.

Cataract surgery

Our risk of any complication is less than 1%.

Once pre-existing conditions that could affect visual outcome are excluded, 100% of our patients achieve the driving standard of vision or better following cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery is not without risk and the national average for one of the most significant complications of cataract surgery (rupture of the capsule that houses the lens) is 2.1%. This figure is less than 1% at Vision Correction London.

Corneal transplantation / corneal graft surgery

99% of our corneal transplantation patients have a clear corneal graft at 1 year after surgery.

In 2007 Mr Mearza published the first UK series of patients who had corneal transplantation surgery using a new partial thickness corneal transplantation technique (endothelial keratoplasty).

The technique has since been modified further and Mr Mearza is one of the leading elite surgeons who offer the new and improved surgical technique which allows for faster healing and visual outcomes here at Vision Correction London.

99% of our corneal transplantation patients have a clear corneal graft at 1 year after surgery.

Our rate of corneal graft (transplantation) failure is 1% for all routine grafts.