Eye surgery team

eye surgery team

Admin team

The admin team at Vision Correction London are always on hand to help with every step of your journey. The team have many years of experience to make sure that you have a great experience and one that is as seamless as possible. One of the team will always be available to answer your call or email and respond to any questions you have about any aspect of your care.

We pride ourselves in always going the extra mile to make your experience first class.

We have good relationships with all of our hospitals, clinics and insurance companies so can assist you with all the details required. Nothing makes us happier than ensuring your vision correction journey is as smooth as possible.

Beverley O’Brien

Beverley O’Brien

Secretary and Executive Assistant

Beverley has worked with Mr Mearza since 2008 and is an integral part of the team. She is the first port of call for all enquiries, and appointments. She has a wealth of knowledge and has numerous contacts within the world of ophthalmology. She is responsible for all the arrangements with regards to booking appointments and surgery and subsequent follow up visits.

She regularly deals with her contacts at the London based Embassies to ensure our International patients have a seamless journey from their initial inquiry to having their treatment.

She heads up our Concierge service and works to ensure that those travelling from outside London or from overseas have a seamless stress free experience.

Outside work Bev is the Chairperson for a local Resident Engagement Scheme and is involved in setting up a resident association for her area.

She loves meeting new people, socialising with her family and friends and travelling to new countries. She recently visited her son in Sydney and has 2 grandchildren that keep her very busy!

Juliet Hicks

Juliet Hicks

Director of Business Development

Juliet is focused on developing all aspects of the business. She makes sure that our procedures and systems are streamlined to provide a first class service to our patients.

She has recruited an amazing admin team and works closely with our website manager and social media team to maintain our website and all of our social platforms. She also manages all our media and PR enquiries.

As a trained nurse with senior NHS management experience, Juliet always ensures that the patient’s experience is at the forefront of everything we do.

When not in the office she can be found on the school run with her 2 small children or letting off steam in the gym doing her favourite kick boxing class!

Madge Chambers

Madge Chambers

Secretarial Assistant

Madge is a crucial part of the administration team transcribing our clinic letters and medical reports. She has over 20 years experience initially working as a legal secretary before qualifying as a paralegal.

Madge went on to set up her own ‘virtual secretarial’ business 10 years ago and now works freelance for various medical and legal teams.

She has two daughters who are very much into animals, although has had to cap these at two hamsters, a bearded dragon called Bob and a beloved 12-year-old Westie Stitch! If you need any bespoke jewellery her hobbies include metalwork, designing and making silver jewellery.

She loves to read, especially crime novels, love a good box set and at the moment getting fit!

Charlotte Grigg

Charlotte Grigg

Patient Pathway Coordinator & Liaison

Charlotte is the newest member of Mr Mearza’s team. Charlotte is the patient pathway coordinator and liaison and will contact you via your preferred method of communication prior to your consultation and surgery. You can always find her on the website live chat if you have a quick question. She will take your booking for consultation and surgery appointments and will provide you with information about what to expect on and after your surgery.

Charlotte has a love for animals and has partaken in a range of volunteering programs in a variety of farms, zoos and pet shops over the years. She currently owns two bearded dragons (lizards) named Dolly and Cilla! After finishing her A-Levels she spent some time working with animals in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

She has a passion for travelling, having visited countries such as Iceland and China. She also enjoys socialising in her spare time with her friends and family.

Robin Foord

Robin Foord

Accounts Manager

Robin joined the team at the beginning of 2017 to support us with our accounts and bookkeeping.

He is an AAT Qualified Accountant and has been working as an accounts manager/bookkeeper for about 12 years with various companies including the construction industry and a hotel chain.

He has amazing attention to detail and clearly likes numbers!

Robin met his wife while studying at Birmingham University and now has an 8 year old and 4 1/2 year old twins to keep him busy in his spare time!

He was trying to learn Italian and was a member of an archery club but has put these all on hold for a while until the children are older.


All of our optometrists have completed more than 5 years of training and have gone on to do specialist training in laser and lens surgery specialist clinics. They all have the necessary expertise to aid the surgeons in your vision correction journey working in conjunction with them to ensure you are fully assessed both before and after your surgery.

The team at Vision Correction London have hand-picked optometrists who are not only clinically excellent but are also personable and at the top of their profession. The optometry team are also involved in collecting and analysing our outcome data to ensure we continually improve the results for our patients.

Purvi Thomson

Purvi Thomson


Purvi has over 12 years of experience as a specialist optometrist after completing her training at Aston University. She has worked with us at Vision Correction London for the last 3 years.

She has specific training and expertise in working with patients who require vision correction such as laser eye surgery or refractive lens exchange surgery. She also has specialist training as an Optometrist to deal with minor eye conditions such as dry eye disease so is always available to answer many of your questions.

You will meet her (or one of her colleagues) at your initial consultation where she will assess your current vision and examine your eyes using the latest technology and equipment. She uses this information along with the results of your diagnostic tests to ensure that you are offered the best possible treatment to suit you.

You will see her again when you come back to the clinic following your treatment as she checks your vision, answers any further questions you may have and makes sure that you are following your expected post operative course.

She also works closely with our lead surgeon and clinical director during the consultation process and follow up period to ensure that all of our patients get the best possible treatment and care.

In her spare time, when not chasing after her 4 year old daughter she enjoys going to her local spinning classes and has recently started to rediscover her piano skills having taken a 20 year break from it!

Harpreet Bhattal

Harpreet Bhattal


Harpreet has over 10 years experience as a specialist optometrist. After completing an intensive optometry training programme at City University in 2007 she chose to undergo further training to specialise in laser eye surgery and lens exchange surgery. Over the years she has developed a wealth of knowledge that she can share and is available at your consultation to help answer any questions about your vision correction journey.

She has previously trained other optometrists that want to learn about laser eye surgery and lens exchange surgery imparting her knowledge and expertise.

Harpreet has worked with us at Vision Correction London since 2014. You will meet her (or one of her colleagues) at your initial consultation where she will assess your current vision and your eyes using the latest technology and equipment and review your extensive diagnostic tests to ensure that you have the best possible treatment.

You will then see her again following your treatment as she checks your vision and makes sure that you are following your expected post operative course.

She is a real advocate of vision correction surgery having had her own laser eye surgery in 2006 and still sees 20/16, which is even better than 20/20!

In her spare time she enjoys travelling and can often be found on the other side of the camera as she loves photography!