Italian Refractive cornea and lens surgery meeting

Mr Mearza had the pleasure of being an invited speaker at the Italian Refractive cornea and lens surgery meeting in Sorrento, situated on Italy’s beautiful Amalfi coast.

He talked about the evolution of endothelial corneal transplantation techniques and the journey to where we are today with this advanced form of corneal transplant surgery known as DMEK.

The original technique developed by Gerrit Melles from Holland has since been modified further and specialist corneal surgeons are now in a position where they can transplant just the back membrane of the cornea, a layer that is just 10 microns thick. This allows patients to achieve faster visual recovery and much lower rejection rates than previous methods.

Mr Mearza shared his surgical technique and the experiences and challenges he faced adopting this ground breaking procedure (DMEK). He shared his personal journey from reporting the first UK series of endothelial keratoplasty back in 2006 to his role in introducing the latest technique (DMEK) at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; one of only a few centres in the UK able to offer this treatment to their patients.

The Italian hosts led by President Motto were extremely hospitable and the food at the speakers’ dinner was exceptional. Mr Mearza managed to fit in a visit to the Island of Capri and has been sharing the stunning panoramic views with us here in the office and on our social platforms!

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