The value of eye surgery reviews

Increasingly, the trend in on line reviews shows more and more people read on line reviews and use these as a basis to make a decision about a product or service. Some people trust on line reviews as much as a personal recommendation and use them to research products without any pressure from a pushy sales person! This way, the customer can take their time researching a product or service using the information from previous and existing customers in their own time and space.

Customer reviews are different to Testimonials as companies will often hand pick patients they feel will write or film a positive reaction to a service they have received so are considered less transparent than independent reviews, although are still important. For example sites such as the ‘lasereyesurgeryhub‘ can provide potential patients with a resource to do their research.

Therefore, it’s important for businesses to manage there on line reputation and provide a platform to encourage reviews about the service they provide. Most people use a mobile devise nowadays so it’s essential that reviews can be written and seen from all mobile devices too.

To encourage people to write a review we make it quick easy for people to leave feedback. We always ask our patients for a review verbally and send out an email with a quick link to complete an on line review. We offer a variety of platforms for people to write a review whether it’s a Google review, through a trusted review site like Trust Pilot, social media platforms for example Facebook, or directly on our website.

These reviews are out in the public domain for people to read and as such, they really can help the business attract more enquiries and generate new customers as research shows that people trust a business with positive and quality reviews.

We read each and every one of our reviews and think it’s important to respond to anyone who has taken the time to write a review. This way we show how much we value the time they have taken to leave their feedback.

We use the information from the reviews about our business to find out what people think about the services we offer and use any suggestions and feedback to implement any positive changes to our systems or procedures. We ensure our team read the reviews as this motivates them to continue to be the best they can. Therefore, we can be sure we continue to provide the best possible service and care to our customers.

We hope you value reviews as much as we do!

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